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Paw Paw man learns "finders keepers" doesn't work with police

Paw Paw man learns "finders keepers" doesn't work with police
Created by jzimney on 8/16/2014 12:00:22 PM

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A Paw Paw man has learned the hard way that "Finders-Keepers" isn't a very good legal defense. This, after a 52-year-old Decatur woman contacted police, indicateing that she had lost $1,070 in cash. That money was last seen in her purse while at the Marathon Gas Station in Paw Paw.
Review of the security video at the Marathon Station, the investigating Deputy found that the victim had been standing at the counter with her money out. After paying for her transaction and leaving, another customer just after she left was seen bending over, picking up the money and hastily exiting the store.
In speaking with the store employees they identified the unknown male's vehicle, a 2006 Ford Crown Victoria, Gold, that was seen on the video. It was described as a retired police car that sits at an apartment on E. Michigan Ave in Paw Paw.
Deputies were able to developed a suspect.   The suspect was contacted as he was asked him to bring in the found money. The suspect denied finding any money. After further discussion about the clarity of the video evidence, the suspect agreed to come in to turn in the money he had found, this on August 8th, 2014.
When the suspect showed up later that evening, he turned in $120.
It was explained to the suspect that "Finders Keepers" is not a valid defense when finding money on the floor of a business, and that he needed to realize that he could be charged with a felony larceny in a building.
The suspect refused to admit to finding more than $120.
On Friday, when the investigating officer returned to work, contact was made with Prosecutor Mike Bedford's office who authorized a Felony warrant for Larceny in a Building.
The suspect, John Agusteli, was arrested. Agusteli during his arrest was found in possession of $1,603. In an interview, Agusteli advised that he didn't have any money when he found the $120. After turning in the $120, Agusteli claims to have gone out of state and gotten paid for work. This was his explanation for the $1,603.

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