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Suspect in Christmas home robbery arrested

Suspect in Christmas home robbery arrested
Created by jzimney on 12/27/2013 10:08:14 AM

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The suspect hunt continues after a Christmas robbery in Mishawaka.

Police were called to the 500-block of Calhoun, just east of Logan Street near South Bend, shortly after midnight, Thursday. 

Police have arrested one suspect, 25 year-old Robert Easton of South Bend, and are looking for a second. 

A possible third suspect may have been driving the getaway car, according to one of the residents. 

Police say one of the suspects knew one of the victims in the home, who was not home when the break-in occurred. 

They also say that one man came to the house earlier in the day and asked if the person they knew was home before leaving. They later returned and held the roommate down while they stole cash.

The search for the second and possible third suspects is still underway. 

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