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First-ever lab schools open in Elkhart

First-ever lab schools open in Elkhart
Created by jzimney on 6/13/2013 2:18:20 PM

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Elkhart Community Schools elementary students are
attending the first-ever summer laboratory schools in northern Indiana public schools.

The Elkhart County Community Foundation provided a grant to support the beginning of
an Elkhart Community Schools Summer Laboratory School Network. Saint Mary’s
College and Indiana University South Bend (IU South Bend) are the first higher
education schools to put programs in operation, opening summer lab schools for
elementary students on June 10, 2013.

The purpose of the 3-year partnerships with IU South Bend and Saint Mary’s are multifaceted,
and include the following goals:

 To improve student learning for Elkhart Community Schools students;

 To reduce summer learning loss for Elkhart Community Schools students;

 To add well-meaning adults to the lives of Elkhart Community Schools students;

 To extend professional learning experiences for teacher candidates, recent
education graduates, and education faculty; and

 To increase the application of research-based practices in elementary

Elkhart Community Schools Superintendent Dr. Rob Haworth said that, “We are
thankful for the opportunity to partner with two outstanding teacher education programs.

Each organization brings resources to the table to benefit all participants: little children,
college students, young adults, and tenured professionals.” He went on to acknowledge
the contribution of the Elkhart County Community Foundation, “Sometimes great ideas
die on the drawing table without the help of start-up funding. I appreciate that the
Elkhart County Community Foundation supports the vision for our Summer Laboratory
School Network.”

Approximately 300 students from Bristol, Cleveland, Mary Feeser, and Riverview
elementary schools are enrolled in the programs. Half of the students attend the IU
South Bend Laboratory School, located at Bristol Elementary, and half attend the Saint Mary’s College Laboratory School at Cleveland Elementary. Both programs serve students in first through fifth grade.

Each summer lab school is staffed with an Elkhart Community Schools principal; two lab school coordinators named by the college/university; two current Elkhart Community Schools teachers who are alumnae of the college/university; and 10 education students/recent teacher graduates of the college/university. The summer lab schools meet Monday-Thursday mornings for six weeks. Both programs include integrated curriculum to meet the needs of diverse learners. All students will have two field trips, including one to the sponsoring college/university.

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